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Vibracell is a liquid, multi-vitamin concentrate of carefully selected fruit, vegetables, plants and herbs that are cold pressed and vacuum concentrated. They are largely of certified organic origin.

Vitamins, minerals, selenium, folic acid, royal jelly, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, … are furthermore added. 51 ingredients in total!

With 10 ml Vibracell a day, you have taken all the vitamins you daily need, so for 100% of the daily recommended amount!

Vibracell tastes delicious and can be recommended for each age. Also for children as breakfast drink in order to be able to spend the long school day alert and concentrated.

With a bio-photon energy plate for a higher energetic vibration (measured in Bovis units). Two German professors (Prof. Dr. Popp and Dr. Kohfink) have proven the positive effects of this energy plate on the Vibracell: the bio-photon energy plate increases the Vibracell vibration energy from 5.950 (which is already high) to 16.950 Bovis units (which is enormous).

More detailed information can be requested on the contact page.

Drink each day your Vibracell in order to spend the day in top condition. You feel that it works!

  • 100% natural: no preserver, no colourings, no chemical additives
  • 10 ml = 100% of the daily recommended amount of vitamins
  • 100% absorption thanks to its liquid form and its excellent quality
  • food supplement for more vitality, energy
  • helps to increase your immune system, your resistance

Recommended use

Take each morning, before breakfast, 2 teaspoons of Vibracell (= 10 ml = 1 dose) in a glass of mineral water (= 120 ml). Children (3-12 year) take only 5 ml Vibracell per day.

Unless otherwise advised by doctor or therapist.

It’s strongly recommended to use the energized, living water from an AquaVibraCell devise (more information can be found on the AquaVibraCell page and on the website


150 ml or 300 ml glass bottle with energy plate in box

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